Peterborough, UK

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Updated: Mar 22

Here I am, Travis Brown PT-

I am just over a year into my journey as a fitness professional, and a month into my full-time journey... Well i should have been but Covid-19 put a road block up, and I'm now a week down on that journey. So what better time to reach out to existing, previous and potentially new clients who may want to learn about me.

I am level 3 REPS accredited Personal Trainer, an Advanced Boxercise Instructor, an Online Personal Trainer, and as once described by a client, "an all round nice guy" although people who have been dealt the burpee punishment may not agree.

I am currently studying and working towards becoming a level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach with BodyAid Solutions which has been fantastic so far. As I grow into my journey i plan to spend valuable time developing to be the best trainer that I can be, whilst impacting as many lives in a positive way as possible.

So, why am I writing a blog? Writing a blog is something that I have been wanting to start on a weekly basis to allow me to bring helpful, uplifting content to my followers and even more value than I have been providing. Now I have no excuse, as quarantine so far has led to garden workouts, running and even tiktok videos, just waiting to go viral now. So it is time to get to work.

Over the coming weeks I plan to bring content to you that can give you the 'big bang', that penny dropping moment, the bit that makes you go right, and change your life for the better starting today.

Something that I have realised just over the last few days is how helpful STRUCTURE can be, whether setting alarms to do things, doing things in certain orders, its very important to keep structure in your life whether that is to keep you productive, focused or just so we don't laze away watching the news!! This is something that can be very quite negative at the moment (for a reason), this can be something very draining. Whilst I recognise the importance of knowing what is going on so you can understand, plan and comply, I suggest trying to limit the times, this information is taken in!

After kicking the laze into touch, I have started to build a routine around feeling good, getting up, working out, running, eating a good breakfast, and then nailing some work. This leads to a feel good factor. This isn't to be holier than thou, but to try and make myself feel as good as possible in order to help others feel the best that they can!

You will have seen a huge push of home workouts at the moment. I have seen lots of bashing of home workouts, even from some fitness professionals at the moment, "why would you do a home workout, it won't do anything" - but they couldn't be more wrong! Sure, you're not going to be the next Eddie Hall doing some burpees, and you're not going to become the next Arnie by doing 10 push ups. BUT you certainly will give yourself the kick up your backside you've been needing! What you can achieve working out from home?

1) Positive Mindset

2) Feel accomplished and focused

3) Calorie Burn

4) Build Strength

5) Improve Mobility

6) Improve Fitness

The biggest issue with home workouts, is they lack structure, purpose and enjoyment. You must be doing the work you want to do and have a plan, stick to it and you'll feel far better for it.

So heres how i can help you in the immediate term:

1) FREE HOME WORKOUTS - https://travisbrownpt.mypthub.net/3/p/93652

2) Online Personal Training - Bespoke Workouts for you and nutritional support - https://www.travisbrownpt.co.uk/onlinept

I will be writing the first full blog post for Friday and this is going to be the resolution of what you guys are struggling with most at the moment, so make sure you do let me know what you want to hear and read!